GamePlatformVerdictDate Reviewed
AbandonedPC (Steam)NOT RECOMMENDED2019, January 3
Double Switch: 25th Anniversary EditionPC (Steam)RECOMMENDED2018, December 12
Conan ExilesPC (Steam)RECOMMENDED2018, June 24
Lust for DarknessPC (Steam)RECOMMENDED2018, June 23
Alone in the DarkPC (Steam)NOT RECOMMENDED2015, February 6
AntihorrorPC (Steam)NOT RECOMMENDED2016, July 27
Black IslandPC (Steam)RECOMMENDED2016, January 7
Black SailsPC (Steam)NOT RECOMMENDED2016, January 9
Blackbay AsylumPC (Steam)RECOMMENDED2016, January 25
Blood of OldPC (Steam)NOT RECOMMENDED2017, May 24
Bloodwood ReloadPC (Steam)NOT RECOMMENDED2015, November 3
Bulletstorm: Full Clip EditionPC (Steam)RECOMMENDED2018, January 6
Butterfly Sign, ThePC (Steam)RECOMMENDED2017, January 19
CaligoPC (Steam)RECOMMENDED2017, December 27
Call of Duty: Infinite WarfarePC (Steam)NOT RECOMMENDED2016, November 13
Charnel House Trilogy, ThePC (Steam)RECOMMENDED2016, February 11
Clash of the MonstersPC (Steam)NOT RECOMMENDED2016, April 14
CropDuster SupremePC (Steam)RECOMMENDED2017, January 16

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